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Corporation Name:iBoast 3D printer
Business Hours:09:00-18:00
Person in Charge:Min Yam Tech.


【Min Yam, master of international 3D printing technology】

Min Yam Technology grasps the trend of the world's best 3D technology! Providing high tech and quality products is our mission. Standing on the shoulders of giants, such as international brands HTC, Asus, and Acer ... Taiwan's high-tech products have been not only general products, but innovative goods that bring better lives for everyone.

In Asia, Taiwan has been considered as an important technology island. Now! Min Yam’s 3D printing technology will surprise the world.


【Min Yam Technology History】

Since 2003, Min Yam has started developing its own 3D printing technology independently, and play as the agent of many brands. Today, Min Yam has launches it own brands “SmartBot”, “iBoast”, and “HowderBot” with FDM and SLA 3D printing technology, and our brands are popular worldwide. A complete series with different dimensions include MAX, Light, TD, ForFun, SQ, and other 3D printers can meet the needs of every walk of life.


【Min Yam also provides 3D printing consumables】

Min Yam technology also develops its own 3D printing consumables, including ABS, PLA 1.75mm / 3.00mm, SLA photosensitive resin. All of our consumables are cheap and with high quality that can not be only used by Min Yam’s 3D printers but other FDM, SLA 3D printers, the consumables are sold to countries like the USA, Japan, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Min Yam has the most innovative 3D technology and the most professional development team! Min Yam Technology provides the most complete service from manufacture to after sale service.


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